Quick answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.     Where’s the “School” and where are the “Wheels?”
A.     Ironically, there is no school and there are no wheels, but the concept is that we are taking education to the places it is needed the most.

Q.     Where do you tutor?
A.    We tutor at Indianapolis area schools and family homeless shelters (both emergency and transitional shelters).  For a full list of our partner-sites, click here.

Q.    How many students do you tutor?
A.    It depends. Because being homeless means having an unpredictable life, there could be as many as 25 children being tutored in one shelter alone, or as few as five. In the 2013-14 school year, School on Wheels provided tutoring to nearly 350 children. This school year, we expect to tutor a similar number of students.

Q.    How old are your students?
A.    We tutor school-aged children, meaning students in grades K – 12. The average age of the students receiving tutoring is 8 years old.


Q.    What is the typical homeless student like?
A.    Like all children, every homeless child is unique, but one characteristic shared by the majority is that they are behind in school. This is due to how often they change schools (on average 3 times while homeless) and the stress of living in a shelter. On the whole, though, they’re just like any other kids: they laugh, some are shy and they all have good hearts and need your help.

Q.    Where can I find more information about homelessness?
A.    See our About Homelessness page, where you can find up-to-date data on homelessness and education in Indianapolis.

Q.    Can you come speak to my business, class, friends, etc.?
A.    YES – We love to share our story and spread the word about our kids. Please contact us to schedule a speaker. (Please include date, time, group size, suggested topic, etc.)

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