School on Wheels is led by a talented and experienced staff of professionals.  
Click on each staff member’s photo to get to know us.

Office Staff

Sally Bindley, MSW
Founder & CEO

Karen Routt
Director of Programs

Claire Brosman
Grants & Communications Manager

Kris Hurst
Program Assistant

Kate Hussey
Chief Operating Officer 

Erin Brown
Program Manager

Samantha Breeling
Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Matlock
Project Manager

Laura Alvarado
Vice President of Programs & Community Outreach

Amy Stankiewicz
Operations Manager

Shalyn Getz
Program & Communications

Program Coordinators

Latrice Brown
Program Coordinator

Cindy Ruby
Program Coordinator

Ieva Grundy
Program Coordinator

Teresa Unseld
Program Coordinatorr

Asia Reynolds
Program Coordinator