What We Do For Our Partners

Fortunately, School on Wheels is not alone in the fight to end homelessness.  We partner with many organizations to provide our services, support the children and improve our community.

Learn how we benefit:

The Community

For program partners (shelters and schools), School on Wheels provides free tutoring services, school supplies and uniforms to the children in their program.  We manage all the associated volunteers, conduct background checks and thorough training to ensure that everyone is prepared for the important role they play.

For our corporate partners, School on Wheels provides a trusted outlet for community service and volunteerism.  Many companies encourage their employees to engage with School on Wheels due to the numerous volunteering options, multiple locations and the amazing kids!  Additionally, corporate partners support our program financially because we are an efficient and effective organization assisting the city’s most vulnerable population.

Where appropriate, we also have community partners.  We feel strongly that every person and organization involved in the issue should understand their strengths and the strengths of others so we can work together most effectively to combat the problem.

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