Thank You Volunteers!

Thank You Volunteers!

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National Volunteer Week is April 6th – 13th this year, and we want to recognize our amazing volunteers and share a special thank you from School on Wheels’ students. Our volunteer tutors make a world of difference in the lives of our kids.

“I love School on Wheels because it’s fun to me and I like tutors because they are good teachers.” - Mason, 2nd grade student

“I love School on Wheels because tutors show their love by helping children do their homework, and children show their love by being respectful.” - DeAndra, 3rd grade student

“I love School on Wheels because the tutors help me with my school work and my homework.  We play games together.” – Jaden, 4th grade student

The very basis of School on Wheels’ success lies in our 400 passionate and dedicated volunteers. Without them, we couldn’t provide the more than 5,500 hours of one-on-one tutoring to over 350 children each school year. Every single week our volunteers give their time and energy to us so that the homeless children of Indianapolis have access to academic support in an encouraging environment.

We have corporate tutoring teams, parent and child tutoring teams and individual tutors who give one hour of their time (or more!) each week. It’s amazing to see individuals, businesses and families throughout the Indianapolis area come together to support these kids. School on Wheels is a true community organization, and every minute our volunteers dedicate to us helps build a brighter future for our kids and for Indianapolis. Thank you from the School on Wheels staff and thank you from our students! Our volunteers are amazing!

Interested in joining our amazing group of volunteers and making a difference in the lives of students experiencing homelessness?  Find out more!

Partner Spotlight: Salvation Army Barton Center

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At School on Wheels we are so lucky to work with amazing partners who help us meet our mission throughout the year. We partner with nine shelters and two schools to offer tutoring to students impacted by homelessness up to four nights a week. Our partners allow us the space and the staff support to provide meaningful impact for these youth and their families. Through these strong partnerships, we work together as a community to build a web of support for the homeless families in Indianapolis.

Salvation Army Barton Center is one of our wonderful partners. We provide tutoring to the students housed there three nights each week and have worked with their staff to provide summer programming for the past two years. Additionally, we offer parent workshops every month covering various educational topics, and we even bring a variety of fun community resources and activities to the families at Barton.  As a transitional shelter, many of the students we tutor in this location are in our program for an extended period of time, and our staff and volunteers enjoy building relationships with them throughout the year.

We know what Barton Center means to Indianapolis and to School on Wheels, but we wanted hear from Barton Center about what School on Wheels means to them.  As part of our Share the Love campaign, we heard from Salvation Army Barton Center, Case Manager, Chris Wynn about what makes our relationship with them so impactful.

“School on Wheels means that our school-age children have an outlet to enhance and build on their school work in a fun environment. Since we don’t have a designated play area or an activity director, the fun activities the tutors share with our children enrich their lives. This helps keep our kids out of trouble by offering them something positive, constructive and enjoyable to do before supper and bed time.

Through School on Wheels’ programs, we see children become more interested in learning and creativity. The parents, in turn, see that interest and become more encouraging. Special programs like art and wild animals have stimulated our children most positively.  I would also say the interaction our kids have with their adult tutors equips them to interact better with Barton staff and other grown-ups in our community.”

Thanks to Salvation Army Barton Center for being such a wonderful partner! We love working with organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families experiencing homelessness.

Our Program Coordinators are Sharing the Love!

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Our volunteers and donors have been so wonderful about sharing their favorite School on Wheels stories as part of our Share the Love campaign that we wanted to make sure to share a few stories of our own. School on Wheels Program Coordinators at each partner site have the advantage of interacting with our tutors and students up to four times a week. Their experiences always provide great insight about what makes our programming so useful and unique for our students. Here are just a few of those stories that help sum up those amazing things our Program Coordinators encounter every day:

Recently, two of our Ice Miller tutors stayed 45 minutes late to make sure one of our new students completed her homework. It was a challenging English assignment to write a poem, but the tutors would not give up nor did they let the student give up either.
- Ieva Grundy, Salvation Army Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center & Salvation Army Barton Center Program Coordinator

Amber, a 4th grade student, was struggling with fractions so her mom brought in a math assignment on fractions that she was struggling with.  Her mom said she did not remember how to do the work, and asked if we could help Amber.  Amber’s tutor spent the entire hour reviewing each problem with her and teaching the material she simply did not understand.  The one-on-one tutoring for 60 minutes was all Amber needed to fully understand and catch up to the material being taught in class.  Amber’s mom was very thankful, and Amber had the confidence she needed for the next day of math!
- Autumn Hays, Julian Center Program Coordinator 

We had a couple of new kids enter tutoring this week. One was in kindergarten and one was in 2nd grade. The kindergartener was crying when she entered and seemed really scared because they had just gotten to the emergency shelter and were being bombarded with all this new information and all these new rules. The kindergartener kept saying she didn’t want to stay, but her mom left after we did paperwork. By the time she came back the little girl ran up to her smiling saying, ‘My tutor was really nice!’
- Erin, Dayspring Center Program Coordinator

At School on Wheels, we love stories. While the hard and fast stats on our students’ academic successes fill us with happiness, we can’t deny that stories about our children impact us a little more profoundly. It’s always heartwarming to know more about those students who are benefitting from the amazing efforts of School on Wheels’ volunteers, donors and staff throughout the year. Thanks to each of you for making these stories possible.

Star Students: Meet Lily

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Give the gift of education!We’re proud of all of our students’ achievements, but we get especially excited when we can share some of their academic success. This fall, Lily, a senior who lived in and attended tutoring at three of our partner locations during the 15 months her family was homeless, was awarded a $2,000 LeTendre Scholarship through the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY). She was one of a select group of students throughout the nation to be awarded the scholarship this year, and was flown to Atlanta, GA to accept it this fall during the annual NAEHCY conference. LeTendre scholarships are for students who are homeless or who have been homeless during their K-12 school attendance, and who have demonstrated average or higher than average achievement.

The social worker at Lily’s school introduced her to this opportunity, but it was Lily’s insightful essay that earned her this special award. Lily has big plans for her future, and we’re so pleased they include education. She wants to major in elementary education with a special education concentration, and also wants to take Spanish. Her desire is to teach preschool or kindergarten. Helping out in the early childhood education classroom at her high school was one of the reasons she selected this inspiring plan for her future.

Lily has her sights set on several great schools, but Indiana University is where she most wants to attend. But with applications out to Ball State and Butler as well, Lily will have many options. We feel confident that the same strength and focus Lily used to achieve academically while homeless will benefit her well in college. She has already experienced more distractions than most youth her age and has managed to achieve great results in spite of them.

While we are thrilled to report on Lily’s academic success, we’re also happy to share that Lily, her mother and younger brother have recently moved into a home of their own. This gives us great hope that Lily will now be able to focus more on the things that she loves and bring her comfort, like helping kids, spending time with family and reading.

Lily’s tutor Cindy says, “Lilly is a great girl,” and we couldn’t agree more. We celebrate Lily’s academic success and wish her the best of luck in the future!

Introducing: Creativity Kits

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Great (artsy) things are happening at School on Wheels!

For the last couple of years, tutoring has been focused mostly on academics – we’ve always wanted to make sure students are proficient in math and language arts, since those are the two subjects that kids in grades 3-8 are tested on for ISTEP (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress).  To reach this goal, we have created a ton of curriculum around these two primary subjects, including our Tutor Toolkits and ISTEP practice cards.

In addition to being good at math and language arts, however, we have always encouraged our students to be creative.  Art has always played a large role in our summer programming, including the SEAT (Summer Enrichment, Arts, and Technology) program this last summer and the Know My Story program with Bunky Echohawk the summer before.  We have always encouraged our students to participate in art during the summer and after finishing homework during tutoring because the arts play an important role in cognitive development, school success, and effective learning:

With all of this knowledge of the importance of arts education for academic and social success (and two program team members with an arts background), we knew we had to find a way to include art in tutoring in a more formal way.

That day is here!

Kris, our Program Assistant, has been hard at work creating new Creativity Kits that will be used during the tutoring hour.  Similar to the Tutor Toolkits, the Creativity Kit is a portable container with various cards with activities to complete; all of the materials needed to complete the activities are contained in the kit itself.

For now, there are eight activity cards, each of which includes brief information about an artist and an activity (with directions and an example picture!) that relates to their style of art.  Each month, a new card will be added.  Students will be able to create clay figures that show movement, upside down drawings, and even learn about the printmaking process through an Andy Warhol iPad app, all while learning fine motor skills, math concepts, and different styles of art!  So far, our students have loved the activities and the tutors have loved participating as well.  Check out some of our students’ work:

Thanks to the following grant funders for your generous support in making these kits possible!

IAC     nationalendowmentofarts