Get Creative

Get innovative and help raise funds or supplies for School on Wheels.

Here’s some examples of how people have gotten creative:

Birthday Benefactor

- Little Rob, 3 years old, is our youngest and cutest donor.  Every year, instead of having a typical birthday, he and his family ask their friends and relatives to bring supplies from School on Wheels’ wishlist to his party.  The next week, Rob and his mother come by and donate all the supplies to the homeless kids of Indianapolis.  Thanks to Rob and his family, our kids have plenty paper, pens and glue-sticks for their school work!

If you’d like to help, view our urgent needs wishlist to see what items we currently need the most.


Getting Together to Give Together

- Pie Wars was an event held in June 2011 by a community who met through social networking on Twitter. The group wanted to meet together in person for a pie competition and one member of the group decided to take an extra initiative to give back through the event.  Promoting the contest using free resources online, the group charged for entry and auctioned off the winning pies, with all proceeds going towards School on Wheels programs.  Not only was it a fun night for everyone involved, but by turning an event that was already happening into a charity opportunity, the people at Pie Wars benefited homeless kids that would not have been helped otherwise.

Follow their lead and use social media via Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn to help promote School on Wheels and our cause!


Calling a Community to Action

In October 2011, five employees at Defender Direct learned that there are over 3,000 homeless kids in Indianapolis and wanted to do something to spread the word about their need.  Using 3,000 cut-out display pieces (provided by the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention), they brought attention to this issue and directed that energy into action.  By creating a donation-page on First Giving’s website, and collecting  specific items of clothing, they raised over $7,000 to go towards required school uniforms for our kids.



By engaging the communities at their office building and homes, the people at Defender Direct brought attention to our cause and made a huge difference in the lives children in need.  Engage your community through a similar campaign using FirstGiving or StayClassy, both great websites with a cause.

For more stories and a video on how Defender Direct has helped School on Wheels in our blog post: Defender Direct Rises to the Occasion.


If you would like to discuss these or other opportunities to support School on Wheels, contact Elizabeth Murphy via email or call 317.202.9100.

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