Where It Goes

An investment in School on Wheels is the best way to give the gift of education to homeless children.

All donations stay right here, in Central Indiana, to help children impacted by homelessness.  Your dollars directly influence the number and scope of services we can provide.  All gifts, large or small, are put towards our goal of ending childhood homelessness through education.  We are effective because of our outreach, training, support and strong staff.  Here is how your donation is used.


Volunteer Management
Each volunteer requires a full application, background check, training and support. Managing a staff of 500 takes professional talent, strong data management systems and resources.  We pride ourselves on providing professional support, assistance, training and quality management to our volunteers so that they have a positive experience and together we offer the best assistance possible to our children.

Beyond Tutoring
In addition to the tutoring we provide, we also purchase, collect, organize, process, track and deliver thousands of school supplies, uniforms and backpacks on a regular basis.  We provide parental support, educational advocacy, referrals and other assistance knowing that we are only one piece of the puzzle, and working together with other organizations, we create the full spectrum of services that are so necessary to seeing children and their families succeed.

Strong Staff & Systems
We believe strongly that investing in quality technology and equipment, and hiring well-trained and professional staff, dramatically improve the success of our programs, the experiences of our volunteers and donors, and most importantly, the impact we have on childhood homelessness.  Our staff are experts in their field, involved in the community, and serve on advisory councils for homelessness education, child service, after-school programs, and other professional organizations.  Our technology systems and equipment are not the absolute best available, but it’s important to invest in quality so we can spend our time improving the lives of children, not struggling with old and inefficient phones, computers, internet, etc.

If you have an interest in donating these systems, loaning us a professional staff member or off-setting our costs in any other way, please contact us via email or call 317.202.9100.

WHY SCHOOL ON WHEELS? How donating to School on Wheels goes a long way