Program Coordinators

How to Best Communicate with Your Program Coordinator:

It is important to let your Program Coordinator know when you are going to be absent. We are asking tutors to commit to 80% and higher attendance but we know life happens. Stay in touch with your Program Coordinator so they can contact substitute tutors for the evening you have to miss.

Report any conversations that pose a risk for the child or others during or right after the tutoring session has ended. For example, a child indicates that they would like to pose harm to himself/herself or others.

If you find yourself unable to decrease a child’s negative behavior or become frustrated, let your Program Coordinator know that you are in need of assistance.

Connect with your Program Coordinator, ask questions, share about yourself and communicate any skills/talents that might be beneficial for those nights (towards the end of the semester youth typically have less homework, on occasion we will do group activities) where such skills might work well for a group activity.

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